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Hello all, I have real trouble talking to women, I was painfully shy before I became disabled, now I spend most of my life alone, I mean who would want an over weight, disabled, 50 something bloke who lives on his own with 2 cats, ohh, I suffer from depression and anxiety disorders to


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    @Dean54 welcome to the forum. There's some great people on here who are happy to chat. Have a look around the site. There's usually some interesting threads in the coffee lounge. :smile:
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    Great to have you with us @Dean54. I'm sorry you see yourself that way, but I hope you realise that to the right person none of that's going to matter. Are you currently trying to date?
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    Hello @Dean54 Thank you for sharing, sorry to hear this.

    Understand could look at volunteering a way to meet people then a number of ways of finding out what you can do.
    Your community volunteer unit helps you.
    Also one other thing consider looking at help and support for your mental health.
    Used these last time.
    Many have support groups and social support.  Wellbeing an floating support advice on anything benefits and assist with anything..
    Other links are the Cree projects look on line, have a number of support groups.
    If you concerned about your health look at also wellbeing services local county councils.
    If you have a range of activities and a desire to be helping others. 
    I used to a lot of volunteering. Self esteem, confidence is all you need.
    Please if you wish to have a chat anytime.
    Please take care.
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