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Hello every one this my midweek meals I do. It is veggie and can be useful to get rid of any vegetables.

In the fridge or use freezer. You can use Slow cooker or use sauce pan.

Using products ready made for you and adding to is not rocket science , thought share these.

You need a Leek. Potato Soup Pack.  Most supermarkets sell these packs use a number.
Add to that Zucchini  diced and add Frozen Spinach.
or any veggies like Peas and Green Beans.
Add veggie stock granules or stock cubes .

Add to a Slow cooker everything except frozen veggies. Add those last defrost use boiling water. Add to a bowl and pour hot water over, drain and add to Slow cooker.

Understand you can add herbs use Parsley or dried mixes be fine. I use Fennel Seeds adds a aniseed taste helps with digestion.
Cover with stock Slow cooker make sure just enough to cook veggies. On slow for four hours.
Other way is to add to saucepan some olive oil add veggies from pack sauté simmer, veggies zucchini add stock, herbs and beans allow a simmer and leave forty minutes, add frozen veggies last.

Do same as before mentioned , way to defrost. Drain Spinach well can be watery squeeze it out


You need a pack of Butternut Squash Chilli Soup pack.
Tin of Borlotti Beans these are a creamy brown bean. Italian but good in soups, ragu.
Stock cube or veggie granules to cover used a pint.
Carrots, two large ones diced fine to add.
You could add Sweet Potatoes buy fresh or my new discovery frozen diced ready to use.
Parsley, or dried herb mixes fine or Bay leaf.

Add everything to Slow Cooker except frozen veggies if using.  On slow for four hours.

Or to a saucepan sauté vegies from pack add olive oil and Carrots. Cover with stock and add beans simmer low heat. After forty minutes serve.


I do the same with own brand supermarket Pasta Sauce.

Ideas include Carrots, Celery add some more chopped Tomatoes or Passata. Add to a blender fine dice hides veggies. Great with long Pasta fresh ones Spaghetti mid week time saver.

I also buy Pasta Sauces with vegetables in them, time savers. Mushroom , Peppers useful add Zucchini.

Or anything from the freezer Spinach defrosted. Others are Cherry Tomatoes tins drained or add Fridge more Mushrooms or add Peppers.
Use Gnocchi another one instead of Pasta, make it fun shapes for the children.

Farfalle use other ones, children like shells and Pasta sauce. Called Conchiglie.

You can buy a new discovery a Med vegetable pack contains.  Zucchini, Aubergines , Peppers and Cherry tomatoes all frozen ready to use diced sliced with herbs.

Just add in.

Other tips are the anti Pasta vegetables. These are vegetables roasted ready to use on bread or with Pasta . I buy Red Roasted Peppers and Sun dried Tomatoes.

Use Pesto jars own brand got herbs, and seasonings great ideas and time saver.

One other tip is use a blender makes a good uses of making sauces.  Jar of own brand Tomato sauce  Add the veggies blitz up, the children are happy there think there eating a Tomato Pasta Sauce. You know different lol...

I do think it is important to consider have a veggie mid week this helps me pad out the freezer and fridge. Saved a lot of money per shop.

Bueno Appetito


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    Butternut Squash Chilli Soup sounds amazing!

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    Hello @Chloe_Scope   All these years buying Butternut squash, Onion and Chilli plus anything else, needed.
    Found on TESCO website one of my Sunday searches.
    On a Sunday do this as I shop on line Monday for Wednesday Delivery.
    Sometimes. a Tuesday.
    Supermarkets do the whole thing diced with chilli and onions need to add any thing like Carrots or any other veggies in a pack.

    Add stock, done for tonight. Easy add in any beans or pulses your choice one to freeze as well remember that..

    Thank you for kind words.

    Your friend

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    SCOPE Volunteer Award Engaging Communities 2019
    Mental Health advice, guidance and information to all members
    Nutrition, Diet, Wellbeing, Addiction.
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