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Hi, my name is positivedad!

I am a dad to a teenage son with Crohn's. I am a nurse but here to learn from others and help where I can x


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    Hi @positivedad and welcome to the Community! I hope you find this forum beneficial. I look forward to seeing you around on the forum. 

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    Welcome to the community @positivedad! How has your weekend been? :)
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    Hi @positivedad
                              Welcome to the community and thank you for joining us. Please take a look around the forum, there are many conversations taking place which you may want to join in with. Also, if there are any questions you may have then please do just ask as there will always be someone here who is able to answer, there are many lovely people on the community. Thank you for your offer of help as well, I am sure it will be very valuable and appreciated. Thank you. 
  • positivedad
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    Ami2301 said:
    Welcome to the community @positivedad! How has your weekend been? :)
    It's been great thanks. I have just started boxing (for men's mental health) so watched the boxing match on television. How was your weekend. It soon passes quickly doesn't it!
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    Well I like your username @positivedad & welcome to the community from me as well! I think you're going to be an asset to the forum with such a 'positive' attitude. I used to work as a physio a long time ago with children who had cerebral palsy. I've learnt a lot here, & have met some very kind & friendly people too. I hope you enjoy looking around, & joining in discussions.

  • Ami2301
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    It does go quite quick indeed @positivedad! Mine was a quiet one, just resting. How are you finding boxing? :)
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    Great to have you with us @positivedad. How has your week been so far?
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    Hi @positivedad and welcome also to the Community.  How are you today?  It is nice to meet you.  I enjoyed reading your introduction.  How long have you been boxing for?  I'm sure you will make a really valuable contribution to the Community and it is great to have you on board!  I hope you enjoy your time with us anyway and I look forward to seeing you here.  If there is anything we can help/support you with then please just give us a shout.  All the best.  :smile:
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  • positivedad
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    Ails said:
    Hi Ails, I am good thanks, it's been a great week. The boxing is a men's mental health session where we discuss our problems/issues and excercise and spar against each other. I have been doing this for a couple of months as well as running to help with depression.  

    It's not easy being a parent to a beautiful son, as it seems unfair that he is subjected to the condition of Crohn's which disables him greatly in his daily activity of living.  He has only a 10% attendance at school due to chronic fatigue, and I am in the process of organising a home tutor with the school. To be honest, whilst education is important, I believe health needs to be prioritised, and as he is a bright and witty (often to my disfortune!) I am positive that he will be able to catch up later in life. It wasn't too difficult to get understanding from the school about his (invisible) disability, because of the amount of support and information that was provided by Alder Hey children's Hospital. It's going to be a long road. As long as I keep my mental health boyant I will be able to support him as he needs me to. 

    Thank you for your kind words, I think that it's a valuable resource with friendly and supportive members ♥️