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when the rug is pulled from under you...survival

pollyanna1052 Member Posts: 2,032 Disability Gamechanger
Hi gang..

2020 is going better than 2019...so far..

I have the social worker coming on Friday, to check on how my new care plan is going.

Last year was a struggle...the hardest ever I think, since disability hit us...I say us..meaning hubby and me.

We asked for more help as we were at breaking point. We had stuff taken from the plan and just re-jigged..but we actually ended up with less!

I had to cope and accept it or have nothing!

But here I am ready to battle again if necessary.

I lost my respite funding as it was and have been told I have to go into nursing homes for my `holidays` now!

Gloria Gaynor said she would survive...and so will I!!!!

My nickname is Boudica..she didn't go down without a fight either!!!!

Wishing all my mateys here a good day!