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A job for someone with no qualifications and is anti social

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Hello I had a job with my dad that was part time and I was doing a btec art course way back in 2008. I finished my art and had low grades, at the some time I had a break down and I am still scared to go into work.

I would like to do a job without the need into meeting people or very little and that I need no qualifications. I did work in peoples garden's, painting and decorating. I am also very good in art and I do not drive due to anxiety.

I dont know how this sounds but I dont have nice clothes so I can't work in a office and would like the work to provide a uniform like my dad does his work with maintenance.

I am very anti social but dont hate people if they are nice, I have no people skills and would like to meet nice and friendly people that dont judge me.

Need to have money for things I like as I have issues with my benefits, I sleep a lot and find it hard to get up under 1 PM but can tri and change that so that's not an issue. I do have access with my bus pass.

Hope this sounds ok and you can help me please as I hate being broke as I get depressed because of it.

Kind regards 


  • lostone87
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    Also to ad I can only do part time.
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    I'm sorry to hear you have problems, and it's great you've posted on here as reading through the community it seems everybody is helpful. Having trade experience is always a plus and if you're on benefits already they can pay for you to get a CSCS card if you havent already got one. The first hurdle will be interviews, and again, The DWP can help you with that especially if you have proof of a up and coming interview & need clothes etc. 

    If that doesnt work, could I suggest night shift work in retail part time to ease yourself back into the routine of working. You dont need to drive, generally they offer you 2-3 days during the night when the stores closed, you dont need qualifications. The reason I suggest this is my younger brother was the same, he had anexity and couldnt drive, wasnt great around people and worked for sainsburys during the night for 3 days a week, he had barely anybody speak to him (apart from management instructions) and because of his sleep pattern suited him to the ground.. It got his confidence up and he now works full time doing the trade he trained for back in collage. I'm no expert so can only advise, 

    I wish you all the best ?
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    Hi @lostone87

    Have you checked out Scope's 'Support to Work'? https://www.scope.org.uk/employment-services/support-to-work/

    The advice is online and by phone.

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    Hello @lostone87   Please can I suggest the following may useful for you.

    If you need to look at employment.  These all have help and advice on your mental health with an aim to get you back in to work.

    The problems you mention . No qualifications, does not mean having extensive CV .

    Maths and English in my opinion needed.  Lots of the mental health charities run courses or signpost you to courses.




    Often have supportive in house advisors on employment opportunities.

    Also mentioned qualifications look at this organisation do this on line no need to visit College.


    Remember qualifications can mean lifestyle social hobbies.

    I have qualifications in food, well being health gardening . Herbs spices, food science.

    Some came with a certificate others did not.

    Mentioned part time hours and other aspects of work, this one of the reasons added mental health charities.

    Other one there are roles and employment services do at home..

    Use your laptop or computer to help and advise people could be like you.

    Look on line lots working from home, on line.

    Make a list of your abilities, talents, skills.  Plus experience .

    I know have and do know things like supporting customers from companies speaking to them by email or phone.

    Depends on company no need for offices some now too expensive and over heads.

    Examples can be reviewing products advising customers who contact you on want and needs.

    You read off and use scripts, standards letters for any responses.

    I know this had a former friends a couple who worked from home, never could go out.  Worked for various charities and other disabled charities.

    Speak to SCOPE.  As my friend @Geoark added a link.

    Hope that helps.

    Please take care.


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