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Advice for Wheelchair Assessment



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    Thx for replying @laura222.

    I do have a spare battery but both seem to have the same issue, that of not charging correctly. I don't intend to buy another battery at the moment as the spare cost me £650 or so. Might be cheaper to get a new scooter altogether. The problem seems to stem from not using the scooter regularly but, as I have to use medication I am not supposed to to go out, I cannot go out on a regular basis.

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    To update - I'm still working with Wheelchair Services to get the right thing. The basic chair that was delivered is a poor fit both in terms of actual physical fit and how it meets my needs.

    I've been following your advice @April2018mom and doing plenty of homework and research. :smiley: I've made some great notes to help when I talk to the WS team again. I think part of the problem was that there was no investigation into my needs at the assessment and I naively went along without notes. I was a bit unprepared and under-confident so it was easy to be given the wrong thing.

    I found this amazing site that's been really helpful for my research so thought I'd share it. It's specific to SCI but has lots of useful information that applies to finding the right fit, as well as all the ins and outs of manual and powerchair configuration. Hope it can help others who are also new to this wheelchair thing!
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    Thank you for sharing this with us @laura222. I'm sorry the current chair is such a poor fit, but I hope the next appointment can help. :)