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lost tribunal

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I have been receiving the lower amount of DLA since 2003, because of mental health difficulties, which I have suffered from when I was 14 when I was caught in a bomb blast, which I have also now have tinnitus and loss of hearing, panic attacks etc.
I am 64 and only got two points for my hearing aids.  Went to MR which was accepted and then I got another letter denying they had allowed me PIP.  Disallowed PIP and went to Tribunal last week.  I did not realise that they only considered evidence that was given to them before the assessment, and was never told this.  The tribunal staff had asked for any extra evidence I wanted looked at, but declined to consider all the further evidence I had gathered, as my situation has worsened since the assessment.  
I have requested a statement of reasons, which is taking a long time to get.  
I used the DLA to pay for my car parking space at work, now I have no way of paying for that, and will have to reconsider working.
I am intending to reapply for PIP, as I will not let that assessment mark of 2 points stand.
I live in Belfast, and have suffered during the troubles, and I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2012/13 as I had a nervous breakdown.  I had to attend Lifeline as I was talking about ending my life as I was so bad.
I don't remember being told that they could not use any further evidence, as they never asked about my mental health, and they didn't want to know about it.  It basically was a waste of time, and I need advice on my position and how I can fill in the PIP form again.  Many thanks



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