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Pip reviews

JazCo Member Posts: 48 Courageous
I was granted pip November 19 via tribunal. Its due to end November 2020.
According to online info, tribunal award don't receive notice to re-apply until 3 months prior to end date, as opposed to 1 year before when granted via dwp? 
The online info is also not very clear about what is happening to future reviews. Anyone due one now cannot do any face2face interviews so I imagine are having their award extended. They will then have to have their interview in 3 months time and then there's a knock on effect. 
Will everyone's award be extended? Or just those within a certain window? Mine being 4 months after the 3 months of no face to face interviews ends? 

I'm not sure what their plan is and I won't be being reviewed until August? 

It's a bit confusing. 
Sorry if it's obvious to some. 


  • katho31
    katho31 Posts: 692 Connected
    hope someone can help you in the forum, best wishes and stay safe:)
  • janer1967
    janer1967 Member Posts: 15,825 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi Im no expert but I believe anyone who has an award due to end soon and hasn't had an assessment are having their award extended. Some telephone assessments are taking place for new applicants and change of circumstances.

    Those awarded by DWP the timing changed end of last year and most are reviewed 6 month before end date

    Its hard to speculate what will happen going forward until re-assessments restart.

    Another member just posted about a text she received stating she didn't need to do anything about her review until notified later 

    Hope this helps  
  • OverlyAnxious
    OverlyAnxious Member Posts: 1,740 Disability Gamechanger
    No-one knows for definite at the moment.  There is no end date for the F2F assessment suspension because no-one knows how long the virus will be around for. 

    I would suggest that an August review will still go ahead as a telephone review instead of F2F, and the end date not extended.  But as above, no-one really knows yet.


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