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BPD and social isolation

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Hi everyone :)
 I have a diagnosis that's best described as 'complex mental health needs'...i've been diagnosed with various mental health issues, but the main one is BPD, closely followed by schizo-affective disorder and PTSD.
 I really struggle with getting out of bed most days, let alone leaving the house. I had been isolating myself since last april anyway, except for my psychotherapy appointments and that therapy finished at the end of January. Because of this, i've only left the house twice since then, both for doctors appointments. I moved to a new town in 2017, and i've not managed to make any friends so that doesn't help. Usually i'm OK with that, as i've never really had a lot of friends, but I turned 30 back in February and for some reason the loneliness has really been creeping in. 
 Thing is, i'm so used to being inside and not interacting with the world that I'm actually quite scared and embarrassed by it. I don't know where to begin in going out, the thought of even a supermarket leads to panic attacks. I have the techniques to work through them, but it doesn't always make me feel better and i'm hyper aware of people looking at me.
 Do any of you have any advice at all? i'd really appreciate points of view so thanks if you got this far into my rambling :) 

 Jade x