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Can anyone tell me what I should be doing now?

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I am new here.
My 8 year old has been struggling for years in school and socially. (Had to even repeat year 1.)
She has been taken out a few hours a day from the main class to give her more suited work with a small group and a senco teacher.
Last week her teacher and I were talking and she mentioned to me, that she thinks that my daughter might have "visual perception/processing disorder"
However she is not an expert in this field, it's only guessing at the moment.
But after googling my husband and I do think there is a good chance she might have this issue.
Even before having this conversation we were told something similar by an eye doctor.
She wears glasses but her doctor doesn't think it's her eyes. We have been trying to find out for the last 2-3 years what her issues with reading are. They mentioned that they think it could be between reading and connection to her brain that is the actual issue. We have been waiting for months for a electronic tests to check this out. But because of Covid it has been all pushed. 
I know we need a proper diagnosis (but a lot points towards visual perception disorders).
Anyone can give me advice how to help her now ?

-What should or shouldn't i do with her?
Our school is still closed because of the virus so I am her teacher at home.
-Also trying to find out more information.
Is there a cure or treatment or just how she will have to live with it?
-Is finding it out with 8 years too late to help her?
-what games or toys can help her or train her.

Thank you and hi everyone.


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    Hi @Couples

    Good Morning & Welcome it’s great to meet you today.

    I am one of the Community Champion’s here at Scope.

    We have got some info below for you.

    Please please let me know if you need any further help/support??


  • Couples
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    Thank you.
    I was looking for advices and tips for by this particular problem.
    And experience from other parents
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    Hi @Couples

    I am very very sorry for this. 

    I will forward your post onto one of our senior members to see if they can offer you some help/advice???

    Hi @Adrian_Scope

    Can you please offer me some help with this post????


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    HI @Couples
    understand your frustration with tests being put on hold for now,  could you speak to your GP, most are doing online consultations and raise your concerns about waiting for a diagnosis/tests see if they can find out when they may be.  All these things do take time unfortunately. 

    When your daughter does go back to school you could ask for school to organise an.educational psychologist to observe her learning to understand better how to help her.  Sounds like she's already getting support in school but she may benefit from a formal plan to that reflects how she learns and what extra bits she needs take a look at our pages on assessments..

    In the meantime, whilst still at home,  could your daughter tell you how to make things easier for her?  Does she understand the bits she struggles with, would some adjustments like a slower pace or larger font, or repeating activities be helpful or when completing work does it help for her to have someone read the questions for her? 

     You could make it fun and do little assessments yourself on how to make little adjustments to every day tasks by breaking them down and seeing which bits she struggles with.

    Its not the same as your daughters difficulties but one of my children has auditory processing and memory issues as part of their dyslexia, so need things in a written form,  lots of reminders, extra times in exams, I have to write things down for them and break complex tasks down as they only take in one piece of info at a time, we've had to work hard to find out what they need in school and what works for them, to be on a level footing with peers and not get left behind.

    take care and let us know how you get on.

    Emma Rose  - Scope Activities for All-  support and advice for parents and professionals on inclusion and children's disability issues
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    Hello @Couples! Have you contacted the RNIB or not?