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Hi, Looking for some advice if possible. I am a cancer patient who can never work again. If i go onto UC. do i lose money?
I get EEESA and pip
Many Thanks


  • Parrot123
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    Hello All. I hope your all well? I am on EESA and pip cancer patient who can never work again will i lose money if i switch to Universal Credit or can i change to the new style esa????

    Many Thanks
  • woodbine
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    There are two things firstly do you get SDP added on to your ESA? if so you can't change to UC. You are probably best staying where you are and waiting for managed migration if it ever happens, as you will get transitional relief. UC may well pay £20 a week extra but that's only for another 10 months.
    Having said all that to give better advice we would need more details, or you could always speak to CAB or welfare rights.
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  • Parrot123
    Parrot123 Member Posts: 137 Pioneering


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