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How easy it to finding a job being classed disabled

Ashman83 Member Posts: 3 Listener
I have been classed as disabled for several years now following a heart attack, clots in lungs and leg and other ailments I remember when I tried to return to work and the interview was going well for a transfer from previous position til I disclosed my medical conditions and saw the managers face drop and unsurprising I did not get the transfer and new position. I've been out of work ever since as health has been declining over the years. I've decided to try again and see if things have changed and i'm doing research and wonder how everyone finds it applying for and obtaining a job while being classed as disabled. Is there any fears you have about being employed or how do you think you will at job interview? What kind of jobs would you like to have or see posted? Do you find it easy to find postings that include the vacancy being open to disabled applicants? What would you want/like from a site that's dedicated to supplying jobs for people with disabilities? I would gratefully appreciate all thoughts and feedback and thank you for ready this post, I hope you are all keeping safe in these uncertain times