Mental health issues
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Mental health and the pandemic

PhilipPhilip Member Posts: 37 Courageous
Good morning everyone, I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. 
When I first received my letters from Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson about being grounded for several weeks, my heart sank, I was expecting to be told I was grounded, at the moment I'm receiving treatment for TB. However, I let it sink in a little, first thing I did was to accept the situation, accept it for what it is, the government isn't going to do this, unless it had too, regardless of what the conspiracy theorists say. Once I accepted the situation I started to feel a little better, mentally. The weather was nice, fortunately I have a garden to sit in, which I did, I started noticing sights, sounds, smells etc, thing I hadn't experienced since I was a kid. Finally I was feeling mentally well, at least a little, yes, now and then I would feel unwell again, but I would think of Little chores around the house, little things I'm physically capable of doing, it's amazing the things you could do with a little thought, I got a fair bit done around the house, finally, given that I hate shopping, especially when it gets painful, I saw this as a chance to rest. Other people I know in my position did a little light exercise while watching TV, one went down almost three trouser sizes. What I'm trying to say is, if this happens again, don't look at it like its a bad thing, look for the positives, you might not find them straight away, but they will be there.

Good luck, God bless to you all 


  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 4,125 Disability Gamechanger
    Sounds pretty much the same as me @Philip. Lots of little things to do and some big ones left to do if need be, interior decorating for example. 
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 11,997 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome to the community, it look like you have been keeping yourself busy and glad you have joined us and shared your thoughts.

    How are you feeling about the upcoming end of shielding, will you be pleases or is it making you apprehensive ?
    Here to help with my experience in hunan resources and employment rights 
  • Wini1960Wini1960 Member Posts: 130 Pioneering
    Philip Hi totally agree with you. Turn the negatives of this pandemic into something positive. I remember when I had started talk therapy I had about six sessions this was last year and said to my therapist I'm okay. Well i wasn't and I went into a downhill spiral out of control, I was having suicidal feelings it was horrible. I got back in touch with my therapist and now 17 sessions later she has said, "now your ready". It was a gruelling time, but so worth it. I have projects that I am doing now. One is promoting a GoFundme campaign to purchase what was my neighbourhood pub in Springfield, Milton Keynes into a MK cafe for all people regardless of gender orientation, where your poor, homeless, got mental health issues or your lonely and need someone to talk.
  • leeCalleeCal Member Posts: 4,125 Disability Gamechanger
    Your project sounds great @Wini1960 !
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