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Living with cerebral palsy

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I have cerebral palsy and struggle with certain things. I like to reach out to people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities to see if I can relate. Life with cerebral palsy is hard and I am sometimes  treated differently to others which is not what I want. I have big dreams for the future and want to live a independent life to the fullest and be treated like everyone else.For this I need to practice some things such as cooking but I’m determined that I will be able to do this to prepare me for living independently. thank you for reading 


  • leeCal
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    Hi @issyrh welcome.
    i have a disability myself but my son has cerebral palsy. He is in his early thirties and lives independently. He has mobility problems but uses two crutches and manages to do a part time job and get himself to work. His biggest problem is loneliness and I often suggest he joins a club or tŵo. He also has a problem cooking but has a microwave (meals for one) which helps and he has take out meals too.
    i hope you have a nice day today. 🙂

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    Hi @issyrh

    Good Afternoon & Welcome it’s great to meet you today.

    I am one of the Community Champion’s here at Scope.

    We have some good info on here for you below.


  • issyrh
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    Hi @leeCal
    Thank you for replying its great to hear from you about you and your son and interesting to see how he manages in cooking 
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    Hi @issyrh. I'm really glad you reached out to us.
    If you have any questions or need any support at all, our CP information officer @Richard_Scope will be more than happy to help. You can find him in the CP section of the community. In the meantime, please join us in our recent discussions or find us in the coffee lounge.
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    Hi @issyrh
    It's great to meet you. I live with quad CP and use a wheelchair. Before I left home, which was a long time ago, I practised cooking, washing clothes etc. Until I found my own ways of doing things. As I mentioned in my other reply to your post, there is almost always a different way to do most tasks.  :)

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    Hi @issyrh
                        How are you? It's great to meet you. I have Cerebral Palsy and though certain aspects of life can be difficult you are absolutely right it should not stop you from doing the things you want to do, now and in the future. It may take a little longer or you may have to do things slightly differently but there is almost certainly always a different way of doing things. Please do ask any questions you may have or if you would like to share experiences then please do. Thank you. 
  • _theslytherincat19
    _theslytherincat19 Member Posts: 11 Connected I’ve made a playlist of cerebral palsy advice I hope these help like how to pick stuff up and how to deal with feeling low with it and my story if it helps I do videos like this each week 
  • Scottyboy
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    Thanks _theslytherincat19 for the video. I've just watched the first one.. :) ..I should check out CP Hub. The mental block in adulthood has been hardest for me. I have mild CP but coming to terms with it is hard. Especially knowing the impact its hard on me and my life and my family refusing to acknowledge the elephant in the room hasn't helped as its meant I've had to deal with it pretty much alone.  Like @leeCal 's son. The loneliness and isolation is the biggest challenge I face.. but this site helps!