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ESA help please

Hi everyone , I have been in the ESA support group for a few years. I have just been granted pip enhanced for both components.  I received a letter this morning from ESA saying they looked at my claim again due to my recent change ( pip). It states from 30 June 2020 my esa will be 130.65 a week  because of a change in money coming in and my circumstances mean I will be entitled to the 10 pounds Christmas bonus.

On the last page where it breaks down  my income from esa and pip it states  my income will be 130.65 esa and the amounts on the page  apply from 30th June to 30th November 2020 . 
Please can someone explain why it applies until 30th November? Does this indicate  they will assess me for esa again or stop it in November,  or is it something to do with the Christmas bonus ?
Sorry for the long winded post,  any help will be very much appreciated.  



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