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Medical Equipment Available (Hounslow, West London) - Inco Pads, Shower Chair, Hoist Slings etc

Hi there, 

I have a number of leftover unused and sealed medical supplies plus some useful good condition disability equipment. The equipment was my mum's who passed away last year. I hope I can find someone in need who can make use of any of this stuff. Ideally I'd like someone to collect but happy to deliver in and around west London to someone in need. Everything will be sanitised before handing over. Please be aware I've put this stuff up for offer on a couple of other disability forums such as the MS Society. Please get in touch for more info. Thanks!

Supplies & Equipment:
  • Tena Comfort Large Inco Pad. 40 pads. Sealed (X14 boxes - 2-4 packs in each)
  • 4 way glide nylon undersheet and 4 way glide top quilt in PU (grey). Brand new, unused
  • 4 x plastic undersheets. Large single bed. Brand new, unused, sealed
  • Ready Disposable Inco Bed Pads. 60x90cm. 25 Pads. Sealed (X2 Packs)
  • Glove Airflow Inchair Hoist Sling. Size 7. Used, Good Condition (X1)
  • Glove Airflow Inchair Hoist Sling. Size 8. Used, Good Condition (X1)
  • Uriplan® Bed Bag with 180˚ lever tap, 2000mL capacity and 98cm inlet (x10 units) exp 09/2020
  • Uriplan® Bed Bag with 180˚ lever tap, 2000mL capacity and 98cm inlet (x10 units) exp 08/2021 X2
  • Uriplan® Bed Bag with 180˚ lever tap, 2000mL capacity and 98cm inlet (x10 units) exp 12/2021
  • Uriplan® Leg Bag with 180˚ lever tap D5L 500mL 30cm (x10) Exp 06/2021 (x9 units) Box opened. 
  • Uriplan® Leg Bag with 180˚ lever tap D5L 500mL 30cm (x10) Exp 05/2021 (x3 units) Box opened. 
  • 3M Cavilon Double Barrier Cream 92g 3.35 oz Exp 08/2019 (X2 Tubes)
  • Adult Drinking Cup w 2 lids. New, Unopened
  • Optiflo 50ml irrigation liquid exp 10/2020 (X6)
  • Irripods 20ml normal saline exp 05/2021 (X16 of 20 units) Opened box
  • Prism T40 Shower Commode Chair. Used, Fair to Good Condition (200kg limit)
  • Locomotor Wide Slide Sheet #003X (x1) New, Sealed
  • 1 x Plastic forcep 13cm blue. New, Sealed
  • Charter Care Delivered Hygenic Dry Wipes (30 Units) New, Sealed(x4 Packs) 
  • Charter Care Delivered Hygenic Wet Wipes (30 Units) (x2 Packs)
  • Topper 8 Sterile Compression Gauze 40 x 5 x 10cm x 10cm New, sealed box 
  • Smith & Nephew Primapore #7135 (34 of 50 units) - 8.3 cm x 6cm. Open box, units sealed
  • Assortment of single sealed dressings for sores and lesions


  • janer1967janer1967 Member Posts: 12,062 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi and welcome on board we dont really offer this sort of service. I suggest you contact adult social services or a local OH therapist 

    Or maybe British Red Cross as they supply aids like this and also collect, the medical supplies should be returned to a pharmacy however they will just dispose of them as they would not be reusab;le due to risk of them not being sterile 
    Here to help with my experience in hunan resources and employment rights 
  • richardprichardp Member Posts: 4 Listener
    edited March 28
    Hi Janer1967, I forgot to say thank you for your reply and advice. 

    I have managed to find a home for some of the items through freegle. I am taking every precaution possible, with thorough hygiene protocols and not offering anything that isn't in sterile unopened packaging. I have offered to donate these supplies to many local care homes, individuals and public services with some limited success. 

    I will follow your advice about contacting charities with an international remit such as the Red Cross as for supplies like supra-pubic catheters and leg bags seem only destined for landfill in the UK. Thanks again for your advice. 
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