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Recieved payment, and I don't know what it's for

julie89 Member Posts: 1 Listener
Hi I recieved a 1 of payment on Friday the 12th of feburary from dwp and I dont know what it's for, I havent recieved my income support today which is the same amount as the 1 of payment I recieved Friday, why did I recieve this and could it of been my income support, if so I didnt get notified about it coming early and now I have no money??


  • Audinut70
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    Hi, on some benefits, i have recived my payment before being notified. You should receive a letter within a couple of days. If not,you should inform the dwp or else they will want it back. 
  • MarkM88
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    I don’t understand how you have no money if you got it early on Friday?
  • janer1967
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    I dont understand this is you have your money and if was early why you gave no money 

    Check the code against the payment is if the same code as usual 

    All you can do is give them a call but if they have paid you not much they can say 
    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can help I will 
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