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Footdrop and work

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Hi I developed Footdrop Aug 2020 and had to go off sick as I am an Early Years teacher and I was a risk to the children and myself from frequent trios and falls. I had surgery on my spine in Dec to remove tissue that was pressing on my sciatic nerve. The surgeon couldnt guarantee fixing the footdrop and it hasn't, 2 months later although there has been marginal improvement, but this could be due to the passage of time? 
I am still off work frantically trying to find a more physically suitable  job elsewhere as I had only worked at this school 2weeks then had to go off sick, I really feel extremely anxious about returning as I will soon have my sick pay reduced. I am struggling with the huge knock of confidence this has had on me and I don't feel mentally ready to take on a class of 30 - 4 yr olds, not only that but the pain I endure on a daily basis for neck disc issues and myofacial pain syndrome which Ive had for 16yrs.
Here's my question., am I entitled to ask to be placed somewhere else in the school that is less physical or can they dismiss me saying I'm not medically fit to do the job? I understand about reasonable adjustments but the occupational health doctor said there were none that could be made and that I was covered by the Equality Act??


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    Hi there 

    You can request to be put in less physical role but that doesnt mean they have to do so 

    They cant create a role that doesnt exist in the structure so unless there is an appropriate role that is vacant they may not be able to accommodate 

    As oh have said there is no suitable role then it looks like it may be steering towards medical dismissal 

    You could contact them to discuss what your options are and take it from there . Also ask for copy of the policy 

    You could also check out ACAS website who will have info on medical dismissal and best practise 

    Hope this helps just ask if any more questions 

    I have professional experience in HR within public,  private, and charity sectors.  If I can help I will