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P60u Carer's Allowance

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Does anyone get a P60u for receiving carer's allowance?

I can't ever recall having one but I'm filling out the household income for my Son's university finance application and it states I must put the Exact amount and do not round up or down. I could just multiply the rate by 52 (or 53 as my national insurance record says 53 weeks that year) but may not be Exact. Plus I'm not sure if they will ask for P60u futher into the form.
I had to tick to say  I woud give Exact amount for the year 2019-2020 which it says is found on P60u or Job centre letter for taxable benefits  (I don't  have a job centre letter only a DWP one and it doesn't say my Exact earnings for the year, just my weekly rate.) They put exact in bold and specified do not round up or down, so I don't think there is room for estimates or error,

I can't find anything online that says you get a P60u for carer's allowance (plenty for ESA). Where people have lost them for ESA I've read they will definitely not issue another. 

Just trying to avoid another 75 minutes on hold to DWP only to be met with handlers who "can't access the system" etc

Thank you 


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    Information I post is for England unless otherwise stated. Rules may be different in other parts of UK.


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