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Has anyone been diagnosed with avoidant personality disorder?

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has anyone been diagnosed with this


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    Hello @thelabarinth0076 How are you today?

    I've tweaked the title of your thread as I think you mean Avoidant Personality Disorder?  Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :) 

    Have you been diagnosed with this, or are is it something that's being explored?  I did a little reading and MIND's section on Avoidant Personality Disorder describes it as:
    We all have things, places or people we don't like, or which make us anxious. But if these things cause so much anxiety that you struggle to maintain relationships in your life, you may get a diagnosis of avoidant personality disorder (sometimes also called anxious personality disorder).

    You may:
    • avoid work or social activities that mean you must be with others
    • expect disapproval and criticism and be very sensitive to it
    • worry constantly about being 'found out' and rejected
    • worry about being ridiculed or shamed by others
    • avoid relationships, friendships and intimacy because you fear rejection
    • feel lonely and isolated, and inferior to others
    • be reluctant to try new activities in case you embarrass yourself.
    This sounds really challenging and I'm sorry if it's something you're experiencing.  If you could tell us a little more about what's going on, that would help us to help you.  Also, feel free to browse our Mental health issues category to read others stories, as you might be able to resonate with feelings shared.

    I hope you are keeping well.  Take care and speak soon.
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