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Autistic people job support

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Hi everyone,
My partner got his Asperger's diagnose back in November21, after many years looking for answers in his life, feeling different from others. He always struggled to find a job, although been very smart and have studied quite a lot. He is an architect and recently finished a Master degree in Data Science. But, suffer with social anxiety.
He sends lots of CVs daily, but never get one invite for an interview. 
Is there any way he could get support for him to be able to get a job?
Many thanks in advance.


  • janer1967
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    Hi there and welcome 

    Scope have a job support programme 8f you look in the employment section 

    Job centre also have disability work coaches and programmes 

    You husbands knowledge is in specialist areas but if he gets some help with his cv it may help get a response 

    Good luck let us know how he gets on 
  • chiarieds
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    Hi @GRE - and welcome to the community. I'm sorry to read about the difficulty your partner is having in getting a job interview. Here's a link to Scope's 'Support to work' programme mentioned above:

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    Thanks @chiarieds, I have applied. Hope they can help. ;)
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  • chiarieds
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    We've heard very good reports from members about the 'Support to work' programme, so I'm pleased you have applied. Kindly let us know how your partner gets on, thank you. :)
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    Thank you so much!
    I will definitely do.

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    Scope community team

    Welcome to the community @GRE :) I came here to advise looking into one of Scope's employment services, but I can see you've already been pointed towards those! They really are a lovely team, so hopefully one of them will be able to help. 

    It might also be worth your partner familiarising himself with reasonable adjustments (Scope website) if he hasn't already, and if he thinks that's something that might help. 

    How has he been finding life after his diagnosis? Have you both been receiving enough support.

    P.S. I moved your post into our employment category.
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  • GRE
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    Hi @Tori_Scope, thanks for your reply. I am familiarizing with the service. Life hasn't been easy. We had my daughter's diagnosis at the same time, which was quite challenging, for me specially.
    He s been unemployed for a couple of years now, doing freelancer work, but not very consistent. I m the only one working at the moment. And furloughed with the pandemic.
    I've been overloaded and quite depressed, as I m the one who has to reach for help, as he is unable to do it himself. I've had few contact details from a parenting course we had last month, which I still need to get in touch.
    I am trying to overcome my limitations and organise myself in a way that I can sort out our life financially and try to help them. Its been a huge challenge!
    If at least he could find a job, I could breath, and his confidence would be boosted. He is hard working, very intelligent, but he won't go out there and ask for a job, So, he hides himself in the bedroom in his computer, drawing, painting, studying, always learning something new. :(
    I was thinking of paying a professional service to improve his CV, but then, SCOPE came to my mind and I decided to contact you, before paying some money I don't even have to a service that I am not really sure will help us.