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My garden is doing my head in



  • lisathomas50
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    I have looked on Google for you its saying to leave water and dog food where you think the hedgehog is  you can still do your garden but avoid the part where the hedge hog is when the baby is old enough they will move on it says that hedge hogs only come out in daytime if they are nesting they normaly only out at night 
  • woodbine
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    Have you thought about approaching your local scouts see if they will help out?
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  • gillian72
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    Omg I've been on the brink of no return lately 🙁 But just looked out my bedroom window an counted at least 6 hedgehogs I'm buzzing atm lol 🤗 I'm a mummy hog lol xx
  • gillian72
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    @lisathomas50 , hiya Lisa hope ur well 🤗 Sorry I didn't reply back sooner thanks for looking it up for me xx I've been putting water an dog food down for them now xx except for 2night I've ran out lol😡