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Hi, my name is rigavitch!

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I need to speak with someone about how to remove my daughter from the "home" she is in. I was told by Citizen's advice I might have to call the police! WHAAAAA???? My daughter!


  • janer1967
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    Hi and welcome 

    Not too sure on the circumstances 

    Is your daughter willing to leave ? Is she at risk at all 

    Is she in a residential care home or independent living 

    Sorry for all the questions but need a bit more info in order to advise 
  • lisathomas50
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    You haven't said alot of what has happend but if you have been advised to phone the police then it must be serious??
  • Ross_Scope
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    Hello @rigavitch

    Welcome to the community. 

    What is causing you concern about your daughter's home? What is the situation?

    When was the last time you spoke with your daughter?

    If you think your daughter is in any kind of danger, or if the situation is urgent, you should contact the police either by calling 999, or 101 for the non-emergency number.
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  • lisathomas50
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    @Ross_Scope hope the person comments again or scope email them its concerning and is a safeguarding issue possibly 
  • rigavitch
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    Oh dear. Thank you all for replying. I was a bit frantic when I joined and commented. It's a long story and I will go into it at a later date but my daughter is not in any imminent danger. Her care has slipped to an unacceptable level, my repeated complaints and request make no difference. I have several serious concerns and wish to have her back home Perhaps forever or, if she wants, until we can find a suitable place. She has limited understanding but doesn't want to change or leave her friends as she is autistic and I'm sure you know how that plays out. 
    When I asked for advice from thenQuality Care Commission (?) they said there was nothing I could do and when I expressed shock - seeing as I am her mother- she suggested I call the police! 
    I have her home with me now and have done since the UK re opened. She doesn't want to return but doesn't want to change...
    I want to know who to speak with as the last time I contacted the council and tried to regain some guardianship back as the home let her spend over £6000 on in game "money" on her phone-they turned it agains me and made a counter claim (kinda) that I had spent £75 on her card. A total twisting of the facts in order to discredit myself and my claim. Oh it's a long story!!!! 
    Thank you again for your concern...I'm losing my mind a bit as I have been on this for the past 5 years..

  • rigavitch
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    apologies for typos as multitasking lolz
  • chiarieds
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    Hi @rigavitch - & welcome to the community. I'm pleased your daughter is back home with you, but appreciate change can be difficult for your daughter. You will find this community both friendly & supportive, so please use the forum to talk here absolutely any time. It sounds like you've been through a lot, & you will find a lot of understanding in this community. Take care, & look after you too. :)
  • lisathomas50
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    Glad things are OK and your daughter is with you hope that you can get the help and support you need for your daughter 

    Take care of yourself as well  we are here if you need help and  guidance 
  • rigavitch
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    Hi thanks for replying
    Things aren't ok and I need help removing her from her home. I have just hung up from another call where I am now in tears. Theres no staff and no manager and they arrange the day before with me times and I organise my day around it and they NEVER arrive or call to ask about what's happening all over again. I am going insane!

  • rigavitch
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    Thank you everyone for your concern! It's very heartening! 
    I have spent the morning on the phone and sending emails to Adult services to try and organise for her to move home or at the very least give me-her mother-some access or ability to access her bank and medication. I have just managed to get her NHS number and registered her with MY doctor as I jut found out ACCIDENTLY that she has 2 cataracts! No one told me! And apparently there are issues with nude photos etc....I DO NOT TRUST THEM TO KEEP HER SAFE OR HAPPY. The company has COMPLETE control and even puts her money into THEIR company account and invests it. I can't write any more...this has been going on for years and I am exhausted!