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Housing Adaptations

Hello, I recently moved home via a housing association mutual exchange, I was living in a large 3 bedroom house, and I’m now in a 2 bedroom bungalow. Before I agreed to the exchange, which I’d never done before, I thought I was very careful, I viewed the property, and asked for information regarding a number of things that I need to enable me to live the best I can. These weren’t luxuries, they were basic things, I needed a space for my dishwasher as I can’t sit or stand at a sink, I would need a wetroom rather than a bath, at first I turned down the exchange because it had storage heaters and I find them really difficult to control the temperature. The tenants came back and said they had spoken to the housing association and said that they were putting central heating in within the next two years, they said they had had a plumber look at the kitchen and fitting the dishwasher in was not a problem, and that as soon as I moved in if I contacted social services for an ot assessment, they would be able to get a wetroom installed. I tried to verify these things with the guy who was dealing with the exchange for the housing association, but he just said I’d need to speak to the rent officer after I’d moved in. It turns out that the tennants hadn’t even spoken to the housing association, just told us what we wanted to hear, so now I have all these issues to deal with. I spoke to the housing association and they said they had no plans to change the heating as they’d only changed it in 2017, and all the other things would need to come through an OT. The first OT said they would help with the issues, I’ve just had a call from a rather short tempered OT, who said they don’t usually get involved in heating issues, as long as you have heating, I tried to explain about needing to be warm and have more control over the temperature, and that a previous OT said they would help, but he didn’t comment. Now I’m worried that they won’t happen with anything, and I’ll be stuck in a home that isn’t suitable, I would really appreciate any advice.

I’m diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic back pain, nerve damage to my back, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, depression and anxiety, amongst other things. 

Thanks in advance. 


  • MarkN88MarkN88 Member Posts: 1,666 Pioneering
    The only advice I can give is make sure whatever the OT is recommending is documented and you get a copy of this and then moving forward if you feel you want to challenge any of this then you can go down the appeal and complaints process. However this will take time. 

    In hindsight, you should of spoke to the HA yourself and got anything in writing from them, it looks like the previous tenants have basically told you what you want to hear, however I don't think there is anything you can do here because it wasn't the HA that promised these things so cant be held responsible. 

    This is what a care needs assessment looks at and im not 100% if heating would be applicable anywhere. I suppose you may need to get some assistance. Is there any care advocates in your area? 

    The desired goals and outcomes include being able to:

    • eat properly
    • look after your personal hygiene
    • go to the toilet
    • dress yourself
    • be safe at home
    • keep your home clean and safe
    • see family and friends
    • go to work, volunteering, education or training
    • use services in your area
  • skirtonskirton Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thank you for the advice, I did try to speak to the housing association, but the contact I had was the person who oversaw the exchanges, and he just said he didn’t have this information, and I would need to check it afterwards, the tenants did exactly what you said, they told me everything I needed was going to happen, I’m just so down about all this, the move itself went wrong, the removals guy stole all of my medication, but I couldn’t prove it, and the incoming tennants (it was a 3 way swap), tried to force us out before we were ready, causing major anxiety, so I left things behind and she said we could collect them in a couple of days, but 3 times I paid for someone to collect them, and on all 3 occasions she refused to let him have everything, in the end I lost about £2000 worth of our belongings, including all our bedroom furniture, so we’re living out of bags. There’s only me and my brother, he has learning disabilities, we have no other family or friends, and no support. 
  • skhan95skhan95 Member Posts: 87 Connected
    Hello Skirton can you please give me some advice how did you swap house I really need to do it please please help
  • skirtonskirton Member Posts: 6 Listener
    I used the site homeswapper, there are others, but that’s the one I had the most responses with, there are lots of Facebook groups too, but be careful though, a lot of people get let down, or misled, as I’ve now discovered. 
  • skhan95skhan95 Member Posts: 87 Connected
    Thank u so much skirton:-)
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