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Lcwra payments

hopefaith Member Posts: 6 Listener
Hello I applied for uc in July last year 2020 , I have been handing in my sick notes since I applied however they only sent me a health assessment form around June this year 2021 snd then I had my WCA a few weeks ago and have been put in lcwra . 
Does this mean I will get backdated payment from last year based on providing sick notes since I joined uc or bescuse they didn’t even send me a health form to fill out until June this year will they say it starts from then ? 

Also , the sick notes I was providing was all just dates Inputting into my journal bescuse of COVID-19 it only states on your journal “provide for note” so I wrote doctors name and dates ( every 3 months my gp had given me ) is this input on journal of this basic information classed as my evidence ? 

Any advise would be appreciated