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PIP Assessment was the worst experience I could've ever imagine it could be

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Hi, This morning I had a telephone assessment,  it was the worst experience I could have ever imagined it could be,  the assessor was rude and abrupt from the off, kept constantly pressuring for answers I couldn't be  sure of, wanted to know things I'd done and when , even if it was a few years ago she wanted definitive answers or she'd end the assessment,  and was just forcing me to answer questions I really  never had answers for or wasn't sure of, and if I never answered how she wanted them answered she just kept threatening to end the assessment because 'she hasn't got the time'.
I'm there struggling to keep my head together,  I'm doing my best and clearly struggling not to have a full on panic attack, I was getting  upset.. whilst I tried my damned best to keep things together  and all I'm getting is a pushy, rude abrupt assessor threatening to end  the assessment all the time  if I dont give the answers she wants to hear.
She started saying she'd end the assessment early in onto the call if I dont answer accordingly, and continually said this until we got an hour in and she said we're  going to be here for 3 hours at this rate , I have to end the assessment and rearrange for a time when you can answer all these questions properly, basically whatever I said or wasn't sure of wasn't good enough. I was doing  my best to answer the  best I could, I was trying my best to stop a full meltdown from happening and to get through the assessment best I could and she was just continually rude and abrupt from start to....until she did and the assessment!!

And that that was the end of that, she ended the assessment i've been fretting over for weeks, not eating or sleeping properly due to the prospect of the assessment and now I have to wait and go through it all again.. umpth..

Don't  know how what to say or do, just needed to vent,  hope that's ok.:(



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