Hi, my name is eilishandliam! Does the money we have from DLA count as ours? — Scope | Disability forum

Hi, my name is eilishandliam! Does the money we have from DLA count as ours?

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we are working parents with 3 children in receipt of high rate DLA (care and mobility). While we have been working we have always seen these benefits as “their” money and apart from using the motability scheme for a WAV and car have tried to save as much as possible for their future needs.

Recently we have found life a little more difficult and are considering working less or perhaps stop to focus on being carers. Does the money we have saved from their DLA count as “ours” ( significantly more than £16k) as far as benefits are concerned? We never set up a separate bank account or anything for the DLA.

Thanks for any help or pointers where we can check this out.


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    As the money is in a bank account in your name then it will your money. This means you won't be able to any means tested benefits such as Universal Credit. Do you currently claim tax credits?
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    By default as a parent of children under 16 you are their appointee and the de facto claimant and therefore this is your money and always would be no matter whose name it is banked in unless you were to put it in something like a childrens ISA in which case you’re tying it up until 18 and you definitely can’t touch it or claim it is yours. It’s something you will need further advice on as they become eligible for PIP as it’s much less clear cut at that point. 

    Makes me sad and angry that such a question needs to be asked. Abject failure by DWP to explain something very basic but also perpetuated by the media who uncritically report the government propaganda that these things are to meet the extra costs of disability and must be spent accordingly. Has always been untrue and likely always will be. The reality is that around 80% of DLA is spent on everyday living expenses.
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    Thanks for the comments. We do get some tax credits, the disability part but reduced due to our combined earnings.

    I think we have always just felt it was their money and if it is considered ours which stops us getting benefits if we stop work because of our caring responsibilities that this is a bit unfair. 

    In the end being unpaid carers is not some sort of lifestyle choice and saves the government money in so many other ways.

    Thanks again.
  • mikehughescq
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    I would get some advice about discretionary trusts and also childrens ISAs. You may need advice from more than one source i.e. an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) re: the above but a welfare rights adviser about the impact on benefits. 


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