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Unfair face to face

Steve_10 Member Posts: 5 Listener
Hello all I am registerd as partially sighted, wear two hearing aids and use a stick for support outside after having two keyhole surgery's on one knee.   I was receiving pip a few years ago, I got called in as did many others and  reassessed, the so called professional ignored all previous letters from professionals saying it would all be on my records.  
Anyway she concluded that by some miracle, I was cured and my glasses sorted my nystagmus, my hearing aids heald my hearing as I could hear her in a room with not fans or external noises.
And as I was able to sit on the bed there was no problem with my knee,  (first appointment travelled in with wife by car) so I had not even used my legs much that day.    Anyway I appealed but got turned down, they upheld her decision as they would.   I am not much for confrontation so did not want to go to court.
Anyway we have all heard that lots of cases were to.be looked at again, but still.I have heard nothing.
Is there somewhere I can raise my hand and say over here, I have not moved or changed my contact details.
Thanks in advance.



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