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Fibromyalgia or 'just' menopausal?

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Hi everyone 

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in my early 40's and at the time, though neither I nor my rheumatologist knew it then, I was also perimenopausal.

Since recently reaching the other side of the menopause and searching for ways to improve my symptoms, I have begun to question whether my fibromyalgia diagnosis was correct as my symptoms can all be explained by a lack of progesterone and oestrogen.

Does anyone else here have fibro which started around the time their hormones took a leave of absence?  It would be hreat to compare notes!



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    Hi @euro

    Thanks for reaching out to us. It sounds like you are understandably concerned that your symptoms could be explained through an alternative cause. Unfortunately, we do not provide medical advice here at Scope. Have you talked to or thought about talking to your GP about this? GP's are in a more suitable position to talk you through your thoughts, reassure you and provide you with appropriate advice. You can indeed communicate with others with fibromyalgia here on Scope's forum, I have fibromyalgia myself. I hope this helps but if you need any further support or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us again  :)
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    I think it will be impossible to compare yourself to someone else because we are all affected differently by these conditions. What 1 person may experience another person may not.
    I have fibro and also suffer menopause symtpoms which are both a complete nightmare but i wouldn't want to compare myself to someone else.
    You should speak to your GP with any concerns you have with your health.
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    Hi @euro, I have fibroymyalgia and I'm finding going back on HRT after a 5 year break has helped a bit.  However, I did have fibromyalgia symptoms when I was on the HRT before, but in the latter years of it. I am definitely sleeping better and that in turn has helped my energy levels somewhat, however not the muscle pain. When I do have energy it helps cope with the pain.  The biggest thing I have learned is that pacing is SO important. 

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    Hi @L_Volunteer and @poppy123456 - I saw your replies and thought maybe I could have expressed myself more clearly as you have both suggested that forum users / moderators cannot offer medical advice and I should get advice, support etc from my GP.

    To clarify, I wasn't seeking medical advice, nor was I looking for answers to questions based on bio-medical knowledge and experience, or wanting to compare myself to someone else - like that's even possible.  Aside from my bio-medical knowledge of the two 'conditions' being probably greater than his, I would expect a curious look from my GP if I asked him about his lived experience of the menopause and how it impacts his fibro.

    I am curious if others (for example) use HRT which has resolved some or all of their fibro symptoms; I would like to explore whether other forum users with both issues are able to tell their symptoms apart and whether symptoms from one seem to make the symptoms of the other more difficult to manage; these and many more conversations with others who are in the same metaphorical boat and occasionally or frequently feel like they've entered the creek without a paddle.

    I believe I would feel better supported by others who can relate to rather than 'just' empathise with the overlap in symptoms between fibromyalgia and a deficiency or complete absence of female hormones.  Apologies if I misunderstood the nature of this forum.
  • euro
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    Hi @SparklySue
    Since my original posting, I have started HRT too.  It's biggest impact for me has been a better quality and quantity of sleep.  I'm not being disturbed by quite so many 'bed baths' :). I think that is having a positive effect on my aches and pains - not sure if the pain is actually less or if I am just managing it better because I'm better rested, but it's a bonus, either way.   Since starting HRT about a month ago, I haven't felt a sudden rush of fatigue overcome me which was previously a regular thing, whether I paced myself or not.
  • SparklySue
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    Hi @euro, that's wonderful news.  I'm five months on the HRT now so hopefully when you are at this stage, the cumulative hours of sleep you acquire will help you too.  I now live in the moment, today I have to rest, having had physio this morning and not having paced myself as much as I have been doing but each day with energy is a gift.