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Hi, my name is h11! I'm looking for ways to help my daughter socialise and make friends

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Hi I'm looking for advice on online communities or ways for my daughter who have complex needs to socialize and make friends


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    Hi @h11 :) Welcome to the community! It's great to have you on board.

    Thanks for asking your question about finding places for your daughter to socialise and make new friends. It can sometimes be difficult to find accessible activities, but I hope that our members will have some advice for you based on their own experiences.

    Have you looked on your local council's website to see whether they offer any accessible social groups, clubs, or activities? Many local authorities do run these sorts of groups, and it can be a good way of meeting new people and taking part in fun activities. You could also look to see whether your local leisure centre runs any classes that might be of interest.

    It could also be worth having a look to see whether there are any charities in your area that run activities your daughter might be interested in. 

    Meetup.com can also be a useful tool, as it shows groups and events in your area sorted by interests.

    Do you think your daughter would be interested in joining in with any online activities or groups? Things like virtual choirs can be a good way of gaining confidence in chatting to new people, and learning a new skill.

    What kinds of activities does your daughter enjoy? 

    Would you mind telling us your general location? There's no pressure to at all, it'd just be so we could have a look to see whether we can find any groups in your local area. 

    Is your daughter a child or an adult?
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    Hi @h11 - & welcome to the community. You can also search by county with the following link to see if there are any suitable groups for your daughter.