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Love Towards Lost Animals

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This is about A Love Story:l wrote in 2009 about a lost lonely dog. My wife and l rescued many dogs that were abandoned. 
I was helplessly wandering around the place where l was abandoned, crying for my owner to find me and take me home. My owner did not come. The hours turned into days and the nights into fear.l knew now l had nowhere to go and no love to make me feel secure.l just cried and cried for someone to love me and to give me a loving home.
I walked and walked until l couldn’t walk anymore, because my young little paws are red raw from walking on hard surfaces. They are so tender now and it hurts. l just laid next to a bench exhausted and feeling fearful, and just gave up with trying. l saw a woman approach the bench l was laying close to and took a seat with a sigh of relief. She wasn’t well dressed and her hair needed combing. But her face lit up with a pleasant smile when we made eye contact. Her soothing voice calmed me while she held out her hand to give me a biscuit and a little drink of water from her water bottle. l wagged my tail at her and gave her a little lick on the hand to say thank you.
She picked me up in a very gentle comfortable manner with a beaming smile and put me on her cosy lap. l didn’t understand what she was saying but l knew by her tone she was one kind loving person l have warmed to. She stood up with me comfortably held in her arms and off we went somewhere l do not know, But who cares when l am feeling the love of want now. She just kept on talking to me while she strolled along the pavements that caused discomfort to my paws. l tried to communicate with her by using my bright wet eyes and little whimpering sounds out of my mouth to let her know l appreciate what she was doing for me.
We approached a big house with lots of open ground and l can see there was also another dog just sleeping peacefully on the sun lounger. When the dog saw the woman approaching the house. The dog came running up to her and gave her the most wonderful greeting l have ever seen. The woman was saying something to the dog in a soothing kind way, which made the dog feel relaxed and confident. Then she looked at me and also said something in a soothing way.
She gently put me down on the pavement so l can get to know the bigger dog better. We got on so well, where he even let me have a share of his lovely food in the bowl. After the meal, we slept together on the lounger. Me being smaller, l just snuggled right up to the big dog and he just gave me a lick and went to sleep.
The end of the day was approaching and sense the change of light was dimming. My fear of the dark l felt was overpowering me once again. l started to cry a little in fear and felt so uneasy until the woman came over to reassure me with her soothing voice with her dog cuddling up to me made me feel better. The woman said something to the big dog. Where the big dog happily followed the woman inside. l just stood there crying feeling insecure again. She turned around with a facial expression of an angel. She said something with that beautiful angelic smile of hers, which made me feel like she wanted me to be part of the family. l cautiously walk in with my tail between my legs, while still looking at her with my bright wide eyes, waiting to be kicked or having a broom thumping me. l had none of that. Just a soothing voice and a loving pat from her hand while her big dog watches from her side with a happy face.
From that very first day. l have always been given the love from her, just as much l eagerly gave back to her. With my faithful big friend at my side, every day playing in the park and digging holes in the garden is such a lovely happy feeling given to me by a woman l have never seen before. l now have a place l can now call home, because of the vibes l was getting from the angelic woman who wants me to be part of the family. l felt secure and happy.
Feeling loved is such a wonderful power.
Too often, we do underestimate the power of touch. And just to give a little at the start, one will be rewarded later in life by the power of love. A small act of caring and understanding are all part of a potential turn in one’s life for the better. An animal or a human can come into our life for a reason and when that opportunity comes, embrace it with all your inner strength of love, because of the big rewards one will receive in the end. The body language and a positive tone of voice have the ability to embrace a sense of love, which leads to well being.

This is the answer to worldly peace. lt is how we behave towards any living being that can make the difference between a peaceful life or a fearful life.
l just love happy endings. Are there any happy stories that you can think of
Nature has all the answers. All we have to do is listen, and peace will prevail


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    What a lovely story, thanks for sharing @Ookpik

    I think it perfectly captures those themes of love and generosity. Have you written any more stories?
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  • Ookpik
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    What a lovely story, thanks for sharing @Ookpik

    I think it perfectly captures those themes of love and generosity. Have you written any more stories?
    There were a few stories l have written, But, stupid me. l has accidentally done something to the computer some years ago and lost them. l wrote one about nature and another one about our ancient ancestors .
    l'm not that well-tuned to writing stories now as l was 10 years ago. Senior moments takes hold of me. But if l can find these stories. No doubt,l will paste them on here
    Nature has all the answers. All we have to do is listen, and peace will prevail
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    Hi @Ookpik Brilliant. Very thoughtful.