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I love the new way the site is set out

Hi to all,

I love the way the site is set out now i hope it will be easier to use from now on are there any specif pointers as away to get around as i have not been on for a while.
I think my walking has improved somewhat as i have lost 5kg in weight since i was last here i do feel better for it onwards & upwards everyone.



  • Teddybear12
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    Hi @Sparklebright63 Welcome back. I think most of us found the new site difficult at first and really it is trial and error. I am glad your weight loss has improved your walking well done. Are you ready for Christmas? Take care.
  • Sparklebright63
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    Hi Teddybear,

    Yes i am nearly readu for Christmas just a few more presants to buy for g children and food shopping to do ect.
    I love Christmas think its the best part of the Year esp as i love buying presants for the granchildren.