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Don't know where to start

Just had to put a brave face on for my mum and family knowing my mum is terminal I struggling so hard with it all my mental health is throu the roof I feel empty inside one min I'm angry them next I'm crying I'm scared of losing my mum and I can't talk to anyone my heads every where wat do I do feel cause right now I feel so alone 


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    Hi @Muppets69 Have you managed to speak to Macmillan Support Line they are open 8 till 8 on 0800 808 00 00 ? Macmillan is there to support you. If you would like to talk you can.  Can you speak to your GP and explain the situation with your mum and see if he can offer any support. Also there is Samaritans on 116 123 any time day or night free from any phone they will listen. I am so sorry you are finding everything so difficult. Take care.
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    Hi  @Muppets69 sorry your going through a difficult time right now. Hope the above links are helpful and you can always talk to us on here.
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    Thank you I'm just devastated 
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    Hello @Muppets69

    Thank you for posting and I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through, it is very hard to witness a family member go through what your mother is. Thank you for speaking about how you feel, I hope the replies from other members are helpful.

    Adrian shared this previously about talking about your feelings, but I thought it was worth posting again just as a reminder that it's okay to talk about how you feel, and it's important to do so and access support if you need it:

    Macmillan say this about looking after yourself and talking about your feelings: 

    "Being honest about your feelings can help you feel less stressed and more in control. You may think you should ignore your own feelings and only think about the needs of the person you are caring for. But you both need support to help you cope.

    Try to get the support and information you need early on to help you develop ways of coping. Talk to family members, friends or one of the health or social care professionals involved in the person’s care. If your feelings are getting overwhelming or you feel depressed, it is important to get professional help.

    We have more information about your feelings when someone close to you has cancer.

    Macmillan is also here to support you. If you would like to talk, you can:

    It can be normal to feel alone, but accessing resources such as any of the above might help you feel a bit less alone and as though you have others who understand what you are going through.

    If you feel as though your mental health is difficult to manage at this current time, you can always contact Samaritans on 116 123 to have a chat with a trained call handler, or you can get in touch with Mind. Furthermore, your GP is there to support you too, so if you feel as though you need more support you could speak with them to see if they can help at all.
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  • Muppets69
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    Thank you I just don't know wat I'm doing anymore I'm struggling badly I put on a front laugh joke but it's killing me inside