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Hi, my name is daz22! How would I go about cancelling my PIP?

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Hi I would like a little bit of advice from someone my mum has moved out she meant to be my carer and she's no longer providing care from me from the 18th of November my mum has been exaggerating my disability quite a bit for a long time now and I get Pip but I've been trying to cancel my Pip claim and my father who is not my carer live with me and he agrees with me but we don't know how to quite go about it on cancelling my Pip claim
Can I just simply say I would like my Pip cancelled


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    You can't just cancel a PIP award, it doesn't work like that. You can ring to report changes to your conditions and you'll be sent more forms to fill in for another assessment.
    Before doing this are you 100% sure you fully understand the PIP descriptors and what they mean? Very few people do. The first thing you should do is get some expert advice from an agency near you and you can tell them exactly how your conditions affect you and they will tell you whether your PIP award is correct. Start here https://advicelocal.uk/

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    Hello @daz22

    Welcome to the community, it's nice to see you join us and I'm sure you'll enjoy taking part here.

    Sorry to hear of the situation you are in, it sounds really difficult and it mustn't be nice to know that one of your parents has been exaggerating your condition and has left despite being your carer. I hope that the above information has been helpful, it does seem as though some professional advice might be the best course of action for your situation. 

    Is your dad intending to become your carer?
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    I agree 100% with @poppy123456. PIP is not about what you can or can’t do. It’s about what you can’t do reliably. You can’t legally cancel a claim. DWP will do that if you contact them but it’s not legal for them to do so and you also run the risk of triggering an investigation into both yourself and your mother.

    You say your condition was exaggerated for PIP but how do you know that? You must have seen and signed the form as the claimant. If you did then you’re potentially party to an overpayment or fraud. If you did not then the only reason that can be the case is because your Mum is your appointee or similar. If that were the case it would suggest you don’t have the mental capacity to handle your own benefit affairs and potentially lack insight into your own health conditions. 

    Over the years I’ve come across people who claimed their needs were exaggerated by another person. More often that’s down to wilful denial of poor health/lack of insight than it ever is down to exaggeration. It is worth bearing in mind that it’s not unusual for parents to have the objective health of their child as an issue they don’t agree on. One parent recognises the child is disabled and the other is in denial.

    At this point I would press pause. Which is more likely? That your Mum recognises the truth of the situation or that you and perhaps your father struggle with your health and don’t really have a grip on what PIP is or why it’s paid? There is no way for us on a forum to know. We can only speculate. You may not be sure yourself. The best way forward would be to learn a lot more about PIP; understand exactly which points you have and why. Only then can you make an informed judgement about what to do. Leaping to cancel would be very foolish indeed without doing the above first. 

    If you don’t feel able to do that then this is the moment to go get advice and ask “why am I getting this? Does it look correct?”. Trawl enough forums and you will always come across someone who cancelled their claim and then realised it was a mistake and then struggles with the reclaim process. You have an opportunity to avoid that by making an informed decision now rather than leaping anxiously to one based on zero facts which you may rapidly come to regret. 


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