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poem called Poem called Molly's passion

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Poem called Molly's passion

A young Molly had blue crystal-coloured eyes and looked been crying as the dried eyes received news that had just been made redundant for her job as she was sobbing. She had a light bulb moment to turn her side passion of writing her own song lyrics she spent hours in her bedsit. 

She decided to set own youtube channel which took her many years of hard work before subscribers started to join her channel.

Her songs lyrics were about her life experiences and words resemble many  of her subscribers

After many years Molly was signed by a record label

As she now had a stable income coming as gloominess lifted from Molly life was filled so much as she did the thing she loved with his becoming singer-songwriter as hope travel the world one day through her singing and songs had fans screaming molly's name and singer her songs at her concerts