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Spider therapy, footsteps and CPPC

hilsflynn Member Posts: 24
Hi guys,
I am thinking about giving spider therapy a try with my 3 year old son and was wondering what experiences other people have had of it and the two centres in the UK that offer it (Footsteps and CPPC).

I had previously considered it but decided it was too advanced my son (and the length of the intensive programmes too long) as he wasn't even rolling at the time. We chose Brainwave instead, which has been brilliant and I still very much value the home programme we have from them and the flexibility of their programmes to suit your circumstances. However not only has my son just started standing himself up, but as he has just started nursery sessions 5 days a week he is too tired to carry out his Brainwave programme everyday. I think this year may be an ideal time to contact Footsteps or CPPC.

How have other parents found their programmes/therapists/centres?
Has anyone attended it for less time than their 'standard' intensive programmes (3 week for footsteps, 2 or 4 weeks for CPPC).

Any advice and experiences would be happily received!
Has anyone combined it with Brainwave?


  • Elibarebum
    Elibarebum Member Posts: 11
    I have no direct experience but the Adeli suits look fantastic, and something we would consider in the future
  • hilsflynn
    hilsflynn Member Posts: 24
    I have to say both the Footsteps and CPPC look expensive and it will take a while to save for the full courses which is why I am considering it for less time...but we easily pay for the Brainwave programme by using Harry's DLA, it is less than a months DLA every time we go. For those families that really can't afford it - all these places seem to have grant systems in place - contact them and ask.
  • katlil
    katlil Member Posts: 17

    I've just been looking at Brainwave again and hadn't realised they now have a place in the North West. We are in the North East, so this is now much more accessable.

    Would you recommend it? How has it helped your little one?

    I desperatley want to do more to help Lily, and would love to give it a go if it will help.

    Also, how did your Physio react? We've had Lily's Physio since she was a baby and I would hate to upset her. Would going to Brainwave say to her that we don't think she's doing a good job?

    More than anything I want Lily to be able to stand and walk independantly. If she could also get up and down stairs that would be fab. I appreciate it will all take time, but right now I've sort of acceptaed that it will never happen....
  • katlil
    katlil Member Posts: 17

    It's been a while since I've been on here, and have never heard of this, but I've just taken a look and it looks good.

    I looked at Brainwave for Lily when she was smaller, but all of these places are so far away from us, and there's no way we could afford them. Looking at Footsteps it would cost us around
  • sarahpratten
    sarahpratten Member Posts: 35 Courageous
    There are charities out there that will help with funding therapies - I know that quite a few children that go to Advance (for The Scotson Technique) have funding from charities. It may be worth looking into.

    Best wishes,
  • fixxer85
    fixxer85 Member Posts: 2
    The neurophysiological exercise in the suit can be indeed tiring for a small child. Yet, I believe that as the child grows and develops the treatments at centres such as Brainwave or Advanced become less and less beneficial and insufficient to keep up with the development of child and it is necessary to look for something new. Don't get me wrong - both of the centres are fantastic, but only for the time being when the child is small. Once the kid turns 3 or 4 years old, a regular physiotherapy is the minimum it needs to get, in order to prevent the condition from degenerating.

    However, relying on the NHS for the physiotherapy sessions and exercising at home will never be enough - I guess that's what we can agree on. The rehabilitation should really stand for what it means - and that is returing the abilities, right? So exploring options and staying proactive in this sense is really important and I think it is admirable that you are doing just that.

    The Adeli suit does seem like a promising treatment therapy, at least from what I have seen on the TV and in the media. Yes, it is expensive, but if it really can make the difference, the money should not make the decision for you. You always have the option to search for the same therapy abroad - there are institutions in Slovakia and Poland offering the suit therapy for the same, or even less, amount of money, and that is after including the travel and accommodation expenses. Plus, one of them offers at least dozen additional therapies complementary to the suit therapy (HBOC, EEG bio-feedback, etc.)

    At the end of the day, I guess it is always better to check directly with them, if and how can they help you/your child, as we know that each disabled child is special in its own way.
  • My_angel
    My_angel Member Posts: 18 Listener

    We have tried Footsteps for my 2.5 daughter Athetoid/Spastic CP. she had two weeks of intensive therapy but on spider it self as she was too young for that as they said, so mainly therapy on mat. I have actually liked it - they have noted my daughters problems and mainly were practicing on her sitting, rolling etc. will come back to the center next year.
    We have only paid 250 pounds for two weeks as we have taken last minute booking. They have government fund which also covers up to 70% of cost, but need to apply in advance.

    Good luck.