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photophobia/light sensitivty

eviesmumeviesmum Member Posts: 13 Listener
Hi there

I've aquirred a new problem (on top of the exsisting sleep one!). Evie has always winced at the sunlight and obviously as a baby in a pram she's been shielded anyway. Yesterday she was in her car seat with me and because of the low winter sun was unable to escape its glare. i can only describe a horribly painful reaction - it was like the suns rays were causing her physical pain. having now googled this it seems to be associated on the internet anyway far more with aquired brain injury than cerebral palsy.

Does anyone else have this issue - and does anyone know of any websites that do sunglasses that an 18month old would tolerate and not be able to pull off. Summers coming and i'm now dreading her poor reaction to the sun beams that are impossible to shield her from totally without darkening her world..

Any thoughts/experiences most welcome!

Thanks Kelly x


  • optimisticoptimistic Member Posts: 8
    My 22 month old also HATES the sun on her face, and I have tried various makes of sungalsses but she just takes them off, even the Baby Banz. I have resorted to buying cheaper ones so it doesnt matter too much when she loses them. You can buy canopy attatchments on ebay that have universal fittings for buggys and I just end up hanging muslins up in the car windows to try and shield her. I find that summer is easier then winter as the sun is higher in the sky. Also cheap floppy hats are a god send but prone to removal as well.
    Its just one more thing to worry about isnt it!
  • ScopeHelplineScopeHelpline Member Posts: 209 Courageous
    Hi Kelly
    This product looks like it might be more difficult for Evie to remove than standard sunglasses:
    Best Wishes
    Forum Moderator
  • LynneVLynneV Member Posts: 8
    We use canopies too.
    And up until she was too big to sit in the baby carrier, peaked baseball caps were useful.

    During your daughters eye test, ask if they can see whether or not her "iris closing" reflex is slow. That's one of the problems my daughter has.
    She now wears glasses that have reactalite lenses that go darker in bright light - helps a bit.
  • eviesmumeviesmum Member Posts: 13 Listener
    Thank you for the advice. Am assuming she will pull sunglasses off at the moment so havent yet tried baby banz. Its just nice to know others have the same issues to be honest.

    She's having her eyes tested again soon so will see what they say...

    Will start investing in floppy hats..

    K x
  • eviesmumeviesmum Member Posts: 13 Listener
    Sorry for the delay in reply - but thank you for your help. It is much appreciated. Kelly x
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