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eating out - seating, help pls

NickiPalmerNickiPalmer Member Posts: 2
Hi, my son is nearly 3 and has cp. He is almost too big for highchair's, we can just about squeeze him into the wooden ones in restaurants now! Has anyone any ideas what we can use instead? We have a booster seat but as there is nowhere for him to put his feet to help his balance he stiffens and then falls to the side. This makes feeding impossible and we end up having him on our laps. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, thank you Nicki


  • renacahillrenacahill Member Posts: 145
    'Hi have some seating options which may help out and about.

    Good Luck
  • NickiPalmerNickiPalmer Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for that, I have had a look at Fledglings and we are going to give one of their options a go. Thank you, Nicki :-)
  • PennyBPennyB Member Posts: 4
    I've had a similar problem with my son now 4.5 years. We either try to sit either side of him or find a corner seat where we can wedge him in. I would like to see a Pushchair manufacturer come up with a design for disabled children which also incorporates an attatchment for eating out. Much easier all round and less stressful for him. I'm sure between all of us WE could design something suitable. My other problem is having the food and drinks go everywhere when we least expect it. Thinking caps everybody.
  • ClaudiaCockburnClaudiaCockburn Member Posts: 9
    have you got a special needs buggy? we've just got one from our OT. the straps on it are very supportive and my daughter sits very upright in it so i've been using it for her to eat in when we go out. seems to be the best option now high chairs are too small.
  • ClaudiaCockburnClaudiaCockburn Member Posts: 9
    oops, i should've said, my buggy's an Alvema Ito.
  • ambreenzambreenz Member Posts: 3
    i dont know if your still looking for something? we had same problem for our boy he would scream the place down in the high chairs as hes legs would get stuck ...we went to mothercare and toys r us at babie section do them , they are travel seats , it looks like a small laptop bag and when you open it it opens out as a padded seat to attatch to a normal chair 2 straps at bottome and one round the top of chair then you strap them in ..its been a lifesaver ..........:) only 19 pound as well
  • twinmomtwinmom Member Posts: 14
    Hi Ambreenz,
    That seat sounds ideal. Can I ask you what is the brand thats on the chair, as in what company makes it. I was looking online and there's a few, but I'd like to get the one that you have for my 2 yr old son.
    Many thanks
  • ambreenzambreenz Member Posts: 3

    the seat was from mothercare hun called baby polar gear on the go booster seat

    its fab works wonders

    i have a link and good news its on special offer at
  • mollymoobarnesmollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107
    We've just bought the Wenzelite 'Seat 2 Go' from Joncare (
  • twinmomtwinmom Member Posts: 14
    Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Although the mothercare one does look good, I dont think it would give Eoin enough support around his trunk, as he tends to flop over. The wenzelite one looks ideal for him. We're in Ireland so I hope they'll deliver to here
    Take care
    Una x
  • optimisticoptimistic Member Posts: 8
    Hi Maria, have just looked at wenzelite seat on line and it looks great. Can you tell me if it folds up? Thanks
  • mollymoobarnesmollymoobarnes Member Posts: 107

    No it doesn't so its quite bulky - it only weighs 7lbs (the medium sized one) so I just balance it on top of the pushchair when I'm out and about.It's also a floor chair so if your little one doesnt sit unaided you can use it as a floor sitter. Tom likes it better than a bumbo. The only negatives are that it's not made of washable fabric so not easy to keep clean and that the clips are a bit flimsy so don't let anyone stand on the plastic bits as they will crack. We got ours from Joncare. They might have a rep that can bring you one to try before you buy.

    Maria x
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