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I’m Looking General Relationship Advise

Yurei Member Posts: 8 Listener
Hi All,

I have spastic diplegia (CP) which means i cant stand for more then say 5/10 minutes and for distances over 100 yards or so i need to be in a manual chair. Im currently 21 and am finding it difficult to 'pull' a girl in my chair when i go out and im starting to find it's hitting my confidence. A couple of years ago if i saw a girl i liked I'd go straight over and id have no issues staring a conversation sharing a few drinks but after going out a few times if it turns serious i always seemed to get the same response "can we just be mates? i cant see it working with you being in your chair". Obviously worded slightly more eloquently but that's the upshot. I know if they cant take me for what i am i should drop it but it's all i seem to find. And now even when I'm flirting with people that i know don't have an issue with it I struggle to make the move now for worry or getting the same response.

Basically im after some advise really other then the obvious 'it's about finding the right person', funny thing is i did find someone a year or so back but i scuppered the relationship not making a move..

So yeah any advise or help would be much appreciated!.

One final note slightly off topic. Apologies if my points seem slightly un-organized I'm just typing away getting it out of my head

Cheers Yurei