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Video Profiling

I just want to tell people about Video Profiling ( which was developed by two Speech & Language Therapists and is a secure platform where members of the mutli-disciplinary team (MDT) can effectively share therapy and assessment videos with each oher. At Video Profiling members can securely demonstrate how to best work with the child/adolescent and adult. Video Profiling is a free service for parents & carers and an affordable service for the wider MDT. Clearly the impact of consistent intervention is more effective therapeutic outcomes for the individual :)


  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Nice idea but a bit pricey. I'd need to be totally convinced of the value before I signed up and paid for the school / therapist to sign up. The website didn't give any practical demonstrations of how useful it would be which was a bit dissappointing
  • Dear Mixxi, Thank you for your comments. With regards to the charges for Video Profiling we are currently seeking feedback from potential/current users so if you have further feedback please let me know. If you would like to see how the site works why not sign up for a free account and email me your school/thderapist's email address and I'll authorise them a free trial too. Warm regards, Chris

  • Mixxi
    Mixxi Member Posts: 29
    Well that is extraordinarily generous of you - thank you. Sadly my son's therapist went to NZ in July and hasn't been replaced because the Social enterprise they were hoping to set up in Glos is under legal challenge and I think that they don't want to employ anyone under the more favourable NHS contract.
    I'll be looking for an independant SALT in the new year - so I'll discuss with the candidates.
    I'd be happy to give you some more concrete feedback - probably not right now though (It's after 10pm and I'm falling asleep!) I'll be in touch.
  • Hi Mixxi, It would be fantastic if you could give us feedback on the site as we are continously making changes to make the site work for parents and therapists. As both me and Scot are Speech & Language Therapists we understand the current climate with SLT posts and a lot of services have been hit hard. In such a state of flux it is important the all professionals (including families) supporting children with Speech, Language and Communication needs are consistent in the strategies they use and the programmes they follow. This is especially where Video Profiling comes into the equation: to support transition between therapists and to ensure that everybody working with a child/adult are 'singing from the same hymn sheet' - no Christmas pun intended :)

    Kind regards, Chris Wade