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nicolati Member Posts: 2
Can anyone recommend a drinking cup for my 2 year old who has developmental delay. His oxo cup keeps leaking everywhere as he likes throwing it on the floor. I am looking for a cup which looks a bit more grown up, but something he can also use. Any recommendations also for straw cups? He can not suck from any fruit pouch, but would like to get him onto straws.



  • toast
    toast Member Posts: 46 Listener
    this isn't going to help you with spills and doesn't look grown up - however, we have found this vital baby with sipper lid a very useful cup - more like moving towards drinking from an open cup but lid controls the flow a bit:

    Is your son is ok with the valves in spill proof cups? My dc could never suck hard enough. I got a cup from boots with a lid and straw. That wasn't baby branded - just plain thus a bit more grown up. She never really got drinking from a straw mind. The pound shops are also pretty good for straight forward sippy straw cups - the spilly no valve kind

    My son has a no spill tommy tippee valve straw one. Just a soft ish top and silicone straw all in one. Thats not bad. I prefer it to the valve straw ones with lots of bits that I invariably loose! Tis quite difficult to drink from mind - I'd prob be sure yr son could drink from a regular straw first