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Sleep problems with autistic childen

Those familiar with the world of autism will be aware that for some children with ASD sleeping, or problems in getting/remaing alseep can be a huge issue.
This is something my local suport group has been looking into and I would be most interested to hear from anyone who has found solutions/stratergies that have worked for them.
Any comment aut weighted blankets would also be appreciated JohnE


  • Natasha BrownNatasha Brown Member Posts: 112 Courageous
    melatonin helps to get to sleep
    Thanks natashailg for that and helpful for those who have not come across this medication. Lke any medication Melatonin should only be given after full consultation with your GP. Recently our local group was given a most informative presentation on sleep in autsm and assciated probelsm and solutions. If anyone would like the powerpoint slides let me know through the Forum with an email address.
  • Natasha BrownNatasha Brown Member Posts: 112 Courageous
    i think GP cant prescibe melatonin for kids - only a paediatrician and sometimes you can only get it from hospital pharmacies.... it has worked well for my son in getting him to sleep tho doesnt stop night waking
  • HeatherHeather Member Posts: 171 Listener
    Hi All
    I know I've spoken with John regarding sleep issues. But Melatonin we found big problems. It settled our son to sleep quickly, but after 3 hours he was up and as high as a kite. Not only that it escalated his epilepsy and his consultant withdrew it as too dangerous to mix his medications. But we got a weighted blanket and with settling our son into his own bed after 11 years of sharing mum and dads bed we have improved his sleep pattern enormously.
  • sueksuek Member Posts: 18 Connected
    Hello FATHERS CONTACT I have just read your post about sleep problems and solutions and I would really appreciate the powerpoint slides of the presentation given at your local group.
    my email address is: [email protected]
    With many thanks in advance :-)
    Hi Sue just read your posting, (alerted by Heather above!) and an email with the slides attached on its way to you in few mins.
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