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learning disability Hi

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Hiya, thought ii would introduce  mysel. Im jade and im 21 , i feel as though with my learning disability  because i look 'normal' so to speak that ppl i have to go see like the job centre just dont understand, my mum gives me lots of help and support, sometimes i just feel like im not good enough for jobs i gave applied  for and dont feel im getting  the right help as i feel as though they putting pressure on me of which so many web pages etc they want me to check 5 times a week and apply ( my mum as to be with me as too much information confuses me etc) , does anyone else feel the same, 


  • Vishal Dodiya
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    I think i feel the same...  u habe to tame your mind.. im still studying .. but yoga will definitely help you because i tried nd i think atleast im getting peace of mind 
  • Chell
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    Hi Chezza43

    Some of my Customer feel exactly the same.  If you have a known learning disability you should be able to your Diability Employment Advisor (DEA) at the job centre.  But i have to say these are becoming increasing rare.  Have you told the Job centre that you are struggerling? Has your mum gone with you and explained it for you? Please dont feel that you are not good enouh for the jobs you have been applying for. As you have someow thing to offer, no matter how ou may feel.  Unfortunatly being unemployed is rather stressful, you can only do what you can do.  At least you are trying and that is half the journey.  Are you volunteering as that is a great way to show employers that they are committed and looks good on your CV.  Have you asked your JCP if there are any organisiations in your area that can help you with the.


    Chin up and Good luck