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Leading a full life with CP

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Hello, I posted a message in another group about this, and I'm wondering if there are people with CP who could also help.
My son is 23 and has severe cp and is coming to the end of his education. How can he fill his days in the future?
What do other young people with severe cp do during the daytime?
He has speech, but he can't use his hands. He is in a wheelchair.
Any ideas? Nothing I suggest seems to interest him. 


  • Farshideh
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     Recently I came across this web site  and spoke to the person who is running group for cp. He sounded very interested to run this group. I do not know what his interest are but music and playing instrument via technology is another thing might interest him.
     Birkdale neuro rehab centre

  • Noah
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    Put some music on, and learn how to move, its amazing how everyone is stimulated by music, but in my limited experience, especially people with CP.

    Dance movement therapy can sometimes really help. 

    What was his main subject of interest with his education? has he been to college or Uni?