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My son is almost 13 and has CP. He goes to mainstream secondary school with support. He has a scheduled toilet break which makes him miss a whole lesson because he gets taken with another wheelchair user and the health and safety person insist that he be hoisted. He is capable of weight bearing with support. At home it takes us 5 minutes to get him on the toilet chair. Since starting secondary he seems to lose control of his pelvic floor and he wets himself when laughing. This has become more frequent and almost daily. My concern is that a scheduled toilet break is messing with his natural ability to feel when he needs to go to the toilet. He is perfectly capable of holding his wee if he needs to and he's been potty trained since he was 2 years old. He doesn't bed wet. I was wondering if other parents had similar experiences or any adult wheelchair user who went through the same thing could give me some advise?


  • Rocky
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    I can understand where the school are coming from with insisting on using hoists etc., - all to do with their Health and Safety. However, I would have thought that they would have worked with you and your son to develop an individual toileting plan. It certainly does not seem right that he is missing whole lessons. Does the school have a school nurse that you could speak to?

    I think the best people to help you are an organisation called ERIC. They specialise in all childhood continence issues and have a section especially for teens as well as a section for schools including a toolkit and resources that could be used by schools. The ERIC website is or phone their helpline on 0845 370 8008 - open 9.30am - 4.30pm.
    Hope that helps.
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    Thank you for your advice. Really appreciate it. He is missing whole lessons and are suggesting that they schedule another break in the afternoon where he will miss more. We have an annual review today so will discuss going forward. They only gave the OT one days notice so they will not be there to support us but I have involved social services who I hope will support us and him.
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    Good luck with the meeting, shame the OT cannot attend but hopefully you will have some additional information from ERIC to strengthen your case. It is so important for your son to get his education and be fully involved in classes. By insisting that he has to be toileted during lesson times means that they are also treating him differently and unequally to other pupils.
    Let us know how you get on.