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Hi, my name is LIGHTBEING!

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I was born at Longacre Maternity home in 1963. I started to come out breach , then the leg went back up. I ended horizontal then it took some time before I came out the proper way in total Two weeks post partum and my mum in Labour for 24 hours.

I grew up never knowing that I has Spastic Diplegia. I always got told that I spoke funny and walked funny. Schooling over in America and not segregated, except for speech therapy in Elementary school.

I am a Messianic Jewess, and registered with the Jewish Council. I am grateful for all things in my life and I am thankful for what my parents knew about it and did not tell me, as I grew up ignorant of my condition doing the things that I wanted to do and my love of nature, photography, and science. I studied with the OPEN UNIVERSITY.

I enjoyed studying science, but I have had faith in the LORD from an early age and he came through for me when I was made homeless four times. This last time the council made my husband and I homeless .