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Hi, my name is ReflectionsCampaign!

At Reflections, there's nothing we dislike more than the injustices in the world, especially when perpetrated by those who should know better. It is our aim to make sure that those who need our help, who are the voiceless, are heard by those who need to listen. the world can be an intimidating place, especially if like me you do not quite fit in, but together we can make it a happier place, we can support each other and share our experiences and help each other along the way.

My name is Richard Savage and I have been discriminated against, rejected and bullied all my life, but I refuse to be a victim, you, like me can be a survivor:

TOGETHER we can face discrimination and bullying
TOGETHER we can support each other and challenge societies perceptions of disabilities

TOGETHER we can fight prejudices and preconceptions.

Let's make our voice heard, let's share our experiences, let's help and support each other and others who are being bullied and discriminated against


  • Noah
    Noah Member Posts: 423 Pioneering
    Welcome to the online community Richard. Yes injustice and discrimination, seem to be part of the world we live in. I find thinking about the larger injustices in the world such as the millions of displaced refugees without adequate food and shelter and in fear for their lives, helps me cope with the much smaller injustices I may face in my personal life.

    I wish all the very best with your campaigns and I hope you find something on the forum that helps.

    Kind regards