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Hi. I know this post is old, but I am searching for options for SDR. Which is better - St Louis or GOSH? I have been warned against Dr Park but cannot understand why as I cannot find a single negative report. Please help. Thanks


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    I have just posted a long response to Elaine J on the SDR page on this site. Please look at that but basically most of the criticism I have heard about Dr. Park is because he operates on very young children - in the UK, NICE recommend the optimum age for SDR as being between 4 and 10 and children who have spastic diplegia. Also Dr. Park has never published any clinical trials or studies in the time he has been offering SDR.

    If you can get to surgery in the UK at somewhere like GOSH, it may be best to opt for that but it is your decision. However, in America you will have to take into account that your child will still need the follow-up physiotherapy in the UK and the potential costs of this and also consideration should be given to what will happen if something goes wrong? Do you want to be thousands of miles away from home and the NHS?