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Hi, my name is Tinsleyd!

I have a daughter who is left sided haemoplaegic. She is 15 years old and we need to decide whether to go ahead with surgery on her left leg. This is major surgery and cannot decide if we want to proceed. She has no instep in Her left foot and walks with a limp. What do we do??


  • Rocky
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    Hi Tinsleyd, I think the only person that can adequately respond to your questions is the surgeon who is going to perform the operation on your daughter. You do not say exactly what the operation is so it is hard to comment further but I presume the medical team would not have suggested it if it would not be of some benefit. If it is something like lengthening the tendons or adductor muscles, then that is quite common and safe and your daughter should see benefits but without knowing, I cannot comment further. You may find it useful to write down all your questions and then ask the Consultant or someone at your next appointment.
  • Tinsleyd
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    thanks for that Rocky. The operation is indeed to lengthen the tendons and to form an insole to try and improve walking. She is a young lady now and is often teased at school because of her disability. A girl got expelled last week for calling her a disabled rat!! can you believe it... it really shocked us. The surgeon has said that it is not an aesthetic operation and there are no guarantees she woul;d benefit. Jenny suffers pain when she is on her feet all day but again there is no guarantee she wont have pain after the operation. In later life she could have further problems as a consequence of the operation. What I didnt relaise was with cerebral palsey operations can not stop some of the pain they feel in their bodies! However their will be a benefit of forming an instep as her foot is currently flat and there is a chance her walking would improve. How much no one can say! I think all we can do is speak to people who have been in similar sitiations and see if there surgery has improved there lifestyle. Tricky one!! thanks for your earlier comments