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I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall constantly

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  • mummyOf2
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    Hi, I have a son of 10 years old who is autistic with coeliac and chrohns disease. I am struggling with his school at the moment. I have previously asked for an educational psychology assessment and was told no by the school.
    this is despite David’s teacher has approaching me with concerns about David’s interaction with other children, his concentration during class lessons and also his ability to follow instructions as well as his handwriting skills.
    I don't even know who the senco is for the school. I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall constantly.
    What would you advise please?
  • EducationalPsychologist
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    Hi mummyof2, the first thing I would suggest is write to the head teacher with your concerns and ask who the SENCO is and for a copy of the school SEN policy. If this doesn't start to move things forward then get a copy of the school complaints procedure and write to the school governors. You don't have to go through the school to speak with an educational psychologist (EP). You can contact your local authority EP team directly and ask to speak with the school EP. They may have an EP that specialises in Autism that you could ask to speak with too. You should also note that it is not the school's decision whether or not your son is assessed by an EP, that decision is for the EP to make. It is important that you are clear about what you hope to get from an assessment, e.g. better understanding of your son's needs in a particular area, strategies for helping him with certain needs, etc. Best of luck!